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First I should proclaim that I am not a chef nor do I want to be one!  I have only taken up cooking as a hobby and my cooking method isn’t something you will see at a culinary school.  I’ve been learning about cooking from watching shows like Jamie Oliver and Master chef, I usually get all my recipes from the internet. Cooking can be so rewarding and fun, if I can cook, anyone cook. I have a very tiny kitchen, with only two stove tops and a toaster oven, but its enough for me now because I only cook for myself and my husband.

I’m kind of a health nut but not in an annoying way, I just love cooking healthy! I’m not vegan or vegetarian, though I think that is a super healthy lifestyle but I just cant bring myself to give up the meat..but I do only eat meat about once or twice a week and its from my local farmer. I hate processed food and sodas,   I truly believe that what you put into your body defines your body so with this blog, I plan to write yummy recipes and health tips that you may find useful.


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